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Great Resonance for Meelogic Consulting at the R@bbIT Conference 2016

Szczecin, 16/04/29. Meelogic, one of the fast growing IT Companies in Szczecin, participated at the R@bbIT conference 2016 with great success.

Meelogic Consulting exhibited their work and got in touch with students and graduates at the 3rd edition of the R@bbIT conference on April 20th, 2016.

About 3.000 guests and 32 companies participated in the event under the theme “Inspiration. Innovation. Impact” hosted by the Technological University of Szczecin.

Comprising different workshops and speeches the agenda also offered a job fair, where Meelogic was able to obtaining several stay-with-us entries from students and graduates as well as different job and internship inquiries.

We were positively surprised to see how many young people showed interest in the work, strategy and portfolio of Meelogic. This enforces our wish to intensify our relations and cooperation with the University of Szczecin, students, graduates and potential future employees” says Robert Ostojski, Director of Meelogic Poland.

After a great resonance at this year’s fair the team will surely participate again next year.

About Meelogic

Meelogic Consulting AG develops IT solutions for a mobile and interconnected world on the basis of an in depth understanding of technologies and markets in the digital age. Founded by IT professionals in 2011, today Meelogic works in international teams at three locations for well-known customers. These customers are established in their respective industries comprising telecommunication, information technology, automotive, medical technology, energy, mobile, media, transport, logistics and e-commerce. Meelogic combines an agile start-up culture with years of consulting expertise, excellent know-how and a high level of reliability.

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